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Jim Marshall 1923-2012: musicians pay tribute

The music world woke up to the news that Jim Marshall, the founder of Marshall Amplification, whose inventions and innovations not only changed the sound of rock music but the look of it as well.

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall: 1923-2012

With heartfelt love and appreciation, musicians took to social media to pay their respects to the Guv’nor, the Father of Loud, a man who quite literally gave them their sound. Here are some of their messages:

Joe Satriani: I’m deeply saddened on the news of Jim Marshall’s passing. He created the tone we all cherish in rock: Big, bold, beautiful and in your face. With every power chord, soaring melody and searing lead we will continue to salute his legacy. R.I.P. Lord of Loud, Jim Marshall.”

Slash: “The news of Jim Marshall passing is deeply saddening. R & R will never be the same w/out him. But, his amps will live on FOREVER! \,,/,”

Zakk Wylde: “GOD BLESS FATHER MARSHALL… I Thank The GOOD LORD I was Blessed To have You In My Life… You Rule.”

Wylde then re-Tweeted: GOD BLESS FATHER MARSHALL… The Saying goes, ‘Leave This World a Better Place, Then Before You Got Here’…He Did”

Joe Bonamassa: “A very sad day for the Marshall family. My thoughts and prayers go out to Paul and his family. Rest in Peace Jim Marshall OBE…”

Joe Perry: Great sorrow hearing bout the great Jim Marshall passing. Everytime we plug in and make people smile, we owe him debt beyond counting!!!”

Tom Morello: “Amp stolen in ’88. The store hadda Marshall vs latest solidstate fancy one. Flipped a coin. Changed my sound & my life. RIP Jim Marshall & thanks”

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